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Perlas Finance

Website upgrades with additional functionality.

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Web apps


The Brief

Perlas Finance started its activities in Lithuania in 2008. The company provides fee & down payment collection services and GSM prepaid card refill services, as well as cash deposit, cash withdrawal and bank transfer services. The company provides these services using a network of terminals developed throughout Lithuania and in a very short time has managed to establish itself in the payment service market.

In 2015, Perlas Finance became an electronic money and payment institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania and a member of the retail payment system and the SEPA payment system, both administered by the Bank of Lithuania. This enables the company to offer its customers online payment and money transfer services to both individuals and businesses.

What We Did

We have updated (facelifted) their website to not only be more advanced and user-friendly, but to seamlessly integrate with various insurance companies. The users can now get actual offers and buy insurance policies right on the website.


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