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An onboard IT infrastructure and software service for public transportation.


Tenix ITxPT project is for implementation of onboard IT infrastructure and software services for public transportation (buses). Solution adheres to ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport ) standard. Defined by, standard enables interoperability between IT systems in Public Transport by offering public specification of IT architecture based on standards with open interfaces for on-board, over-the-air and back-office IT systems. Onboard IT infrastructure of the solution relies on Tenix gateway devices, having necessary components to integrate with multiple devices on bus: GPS, GSM, ignition control, FMS, cameras, speakers, monitors, etc. Information is being exchanged between buses and back-office systems.

ServiceHub is a system for registering and managing incidents on vehicles, currently targeted to buses, but in general can be applied to any transportation type. In case there are problems with vehicle (eg. lights not working), driver can register an incident through mobile device. Then incident is managed depending on its criticality – various workflows are available for different cases. We have been working on backend API side – securing it, getting and processing data and defining workflows.


  • JAVA
  • Spring Boot
  • GraphQL API
  • Neo4j Graph Database
  • Docker
  • ELK Stack
  • Java 8
  • Google Go
  • MQTT Broker
  • Avahi
  • ESF Gateway
  • OSGI Modules

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